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What we offer

At Evolve Yourself, Inga Michaelsen is committed to supporting forward-thinking individuals in generating sustainable and transformative change. Everything she does and offers is focused on empowering you to live a fulfilling and successful life.

By combining cutting-edge personal growth tools with highly effective coaching that will carry you beyond your current limitations, Inga supports you in achieving your dearest aspirations.

Get support in evolving yourself – Step fully into your power and act with the confidence and strength that will enable you to thrive!

Is this you?

You feel STUCK

You want movement but just can’t figure out how to make it happen. It is possible that you can’t even put words to what it is that needs to change. Maybe your relationship feels stale; your job is unsatisfying but you are hanging in there; your business is not having the success you want to see.

Perhaps you are a Mom whose focus has been her children and somewhere in there you lost sight of yourself, or life feels totally out of balance and you feel like you are in a rut. The list goes on. Feelings like frustration, self-pity, anger, confusion, doubt, defeat float up to the surface.

You are seeking change

Or, you are moving and you are ready to PLAY BIG. You feel good about where you are on your journey, you know where you want to go and trust that you can pull it off. However, you sense your tendency is to get trapped in fears that second-guess your brilliance. Your inner critic tells you for instant “I am not ready yet”; or “I don’t have the resources/contacts”. You are committed to change the habits that stand in your way and wave them goodbye forever.


working with a coach is a great gift for yourself. 

Change doesn’t always come easy. It takes practice to let go of old patterns that get you nowhere and courage to try new moves, pushing your edge and letting go of the familiar – I know you can do it! What’s waiting for you on the other side of change is YOU – in your fullest expression of yourself – living with an open heart, listening to your inner wisdom, clearly knowing who you are and what you want to do, being on purpose and fully awake.

As a coach, I want you to spread your wings and soar. I will provide you with practical ways to evoke change and a courageous space for you to learn, grow and expand your horizon of what is possible.  New insights, new perspectives and new ways of acting will create the platform for MOVEMENT in your life. You will be impressed by what you are capable of! 

What you get out of coaching

Here are some examples of what you can get out of coaching with me:
Clarity– know what is important to you and be able to make choices that are aligned with your hearts desires, your values, and life purpose
Trust– in yourself, in your unique strength, wisdom and leadership capacity.
Inspiration– about what you do and who you are
Balance– create a lifestyle that nourishes all aspects of yourself.
A Deep sense of Connection – with yourself, others and the world around you.
Courage & Support– I believe in you, at times more then you believe in yourself. Having me as you ally allows you to step confidently forward on your path.
Affluence–  This certainly can manifest itself in money. However, I like to look at this as being “in the flow” of life. you will cultivate ways to stay open to life’s’ possibility and with that you’ll attract an abundance of goodness into your life.
Fulfillment– ultimately you will feel a greater sense of fulfillment; taking charge of your life, moving towards your dreams, living ALL IN

We will work well together

We will work well together if:

  • you want to live from your heart, you are a seeker of your own truth and going deeper to learn about yourself is a wanted or familiar path.
  • You want to give to this world – you help & support others, you care for the environment, you want to have a positive impact, in whatever form that manifests itself
  • You want to find your OWN way – ready to stand steadfast in your path and are excited to move forward with it
  • You are inspired to have deep & meaningful relationships with people that cross your path
  • You are ready to play “all in” – with an open heart, courage, and gusto
  • You have a dream, an idea, a vision and need someone who will support you to make it reality
  • You feel called to think and act outside the box, to create new possibilities for yourself and others
  • You want to boldly act towards living a fulfilled life – not being held back by your fears but ready to stand for who you truly are
  • you are willing to let go of habits that don’t serve you any longer and ready to cultivate new empowering ways of being.