I truly enjoyed my coaching call with Inga. She had a natural way of encompassing all my ideas, thoughts and visions, to then ease-fully guide me through a process of greater clarity. She was caring, passionate and attentive. As a result, I was led to create manageable action steps that empowered me to move forward. Her bright, grounding energy is contagious!

- Angele Verrier, Emerging Entrepreneur

Inga has been an amazing support, both in business and in life. She has enabled me to see my true potential and embrace the power within myself to achieve success in all areas of my life. Her compassion and intuition have opened my eyes to new opportunities that I never thought possible!

- Diane Kukish, Freelance Graphic Designer

Before I started working with Inga I was feeling quite scattered in my life and while sure of my direction, overwhelmed as to how to make it happen. My life was growing fast, and I was looking for some practical help on how to get more consistent in my day to day actions.

I felt greatly supported by our regular meetings. Met by a peer and ally who really got me, Inga had the ability to catch me and take my inner dialogue to the next level. Her intuition about how to use the tools she has at her fingertips is highly acute. Her approach is personal, clear and nurturing.

Through working with Inga, I now feel more confident and clear about how to guide myself more deeply into my potential. Equipped with a new set of pertinent tools and inner language, I feel I am truly growing to meet the goals that I have set doing the work. I feel it is still very important for me to ask for the kind of support that Inga is offering and intend to continue working with her as I push through this evolutionary time in my life.

- Naomi Yafinowski, Self-employed Dance & Yoga Instructor

Every session with Inga has been extremely helpful and beneficial. Even after the free discovery session I came away with more clarity, focus and motivation to keep moving forward on my vision. Each session felt like we made leaps and bounds, getting clarity on things I had been grappling with for months. I have received profound and powerful realizations every time we connect. In our first session I got crystal clear on my niche market in a way that affirmed my life purpose. In our VIP session I came away with a clear and exciting outline for my entire coaching program. Inga’s energy and support is the perfect balance of gentle spaciousness and firm direction. She brings a beautiful mix of spiritual idealism and solid practicality. I took a leap of faith when I hired Inga as my coach since I didn’t really know anything about her but the timing was right, she made sense and I liked her energy. I am more than thrilled that I’ve hired Inga as my coach and am excited to continue the journey with her support.

- Shaeah Love Fialkow, Inspirational Entrepreneur

I was recently lucky enough to spend a 4 hour VIP day with Inga Michaelsen. I came in with a confused idea of the services I want to provide in my business and she was able to help me narrow it down to a direct and feasible service. She helped me clarify my niche market and also what was truly my passion. I have spent so much time with other coaches trying to figure this out but never walked away with a more clearer vision then after this VIP day. It was truly a wonderful and game changing session for me. I am forever grateful and look forward to working with Inga in her 9 month program to really elevate my businesses potential.

- Amanda Elizabeth, Coach and Author

Inga was professional and asked the right questions to help organize and
promote my business more. She assisted me with ideas and solutions on
how to edit and polish my website, and finding the right niche for my
clients. I recommend Inga for helping anyone with their business and
marketing plan! Thank you Inga, I wish you the best...

- Kathryn Lowther, Healer

I was in a huge transition period and time of change when I contacted Inga. I was about to change careers, move to a new community, and undergo changes and challenges with the important relationships in my life.

During the time I worked with Inga I was able to develop an increased sense of individuality and self-worth as I was working through these changes.

I now enjoy improved relationships with my friends and family, and I have started my own business. I also enjoy more inner calm and less anxiety.

- Camae Lynn, Self-Employed Business Strategist

Inga has a particular talent for getting to the root of your thought process. She is able to guide you along to an undiscovered level of self-understanding. Her thoughtful questions and insight clear away the mind clutter and gets to the base of what you really mean. I highly recommend any of Inga's workshops or services on your path to self-discovery and realization!

- Jenniger Meagher, Self-employed Writer

Inga is gentle, organized, and resourceful: she lives the women's entrepreneur story, successfully, so she shares your concerns and experience.

- Andrea Palframan, Self-Employed Graphic Designer & Communication manager

I first contacted Inga just a few months after my last child left home for university. I was overwhelmed by the possibilities that my new life could offer and found myself stuck, unable to make any decisions about how and what I really wanted for my future.

With Inga's guidance and support I was able to 'de-clutter' and focus on the things that are most important to me. Her encouragement and clarity allowed me to create personal and professional change that may have taken me much, much longer had I tackled it all on my own.

I am endlessly grateful to Freebird Coaching for creating such a warm, safe and motivating space for personal change. I feel focused and clear about my direction. Thank You Inga!!!

- Tanya Garland, Owner and operator of Sun & Sage Yoga