Inga Michaelsen – Heart Centered Business

ingaInga Michaelsen

Hello, I am Inga Michaelsen, founder and creative director at the Conscious Business Evolution.

I am here to help you build an inspired, purpose-driven business! I believe that each of us is put in this world with the purpose of taking authentic action from a place of passion. Actions that come from a place of heart-felt inspiration will have a positive impact in creating a spiritually fulfilling world! And if certain principles of entrepreneurship are added to the mix you will not only increase your positive impact in the world but also make money doing what you most want to do.

What I want for myself is what I want for you.

  • To be motivated by a bigger vision that compels me to move forward
  • To contribute my talents in creating a better world
  • To thrive financially and give generously
  • To be fully aware and awake to the possibilities life presents.

For Me this Means….

  • Courageously living with an open heart
  • Going after my dreams
  • Accepting the human paradox
  • Not turning away when things get uncomfortable

What I am committed to be:

Your Ally

I consider myself your ally and believe in the importance of co-creating. In our relationship we take on different roles, but we are equals and design our relationship together to best serve you. Letting me be a witness to your journey is a great honour. It allows me to step more fully into my path, and for that I am grateful.

Your Cheerleader

Our biggest stumbling blocks are the doubts and fears invented by our minds – minds that are so good at making negative assumptions of what is or is not possible. I will move you out of your comfort zone by giving you practical tools and honest feedback. Then you may let go of your doubts and take the actions needed to build your business the way you envision it.

Thinking Outside the Box

We all have blind spots and need someone to point them out to us. I tend to see the world through a slightly eccentric lens, which makes me a great thought partner. My goal is to get you thinking and acting outside the box. I want you to express yourself as you are, and not feel caged by who you think you should be or what you should do. It’s all about being authentic, showing up and always pushing your comfort zone enough to expand your business and yourself.

Creative Thought Partner and Strategist

I love to figure out the “how” with my clients. This is, of course, where we talk strategy and I share my business and marketing skills with you. However, every business and every client is unique, so this becomes a very creative process and we will make sure it works for YOU. Merging the practical with the purposeful is how you build a meaningful, thriving business.

Celebrate & SLOW DOWN

I believe in the importance of a vision and taking actions that are in alignment with that vision. But it’s also important to stay grounded in the present. For an entrepreneur, it is easy to become distracted by the many demands of your business. Yet, I will remind you of the importance of slowing down, accepting what is, and celebrating what you have accomplished.


I trained as a leader and became a certified coach with the Coaches Training Institute. Like you, I continue to evolve and consider it an ongoing journey to refine my coaching, facilitation and business skills.