Lead Authentically, Thrive Financially and Give back Generously

Love seems like a strange word to use in the context of business. But it shouldn’t be.

Truly, what if you could make your business an expression of love? What would be different?

I had the honour to interview 26 experts, including Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Lynne Twist, Barbara Stanny and Charles Eisenstein for the “Make Love your Business” expert series.

During these interviews the speaker will share with you their top entrepreneurial and values-based success strategies that will support you in thriving and making your business an expression of love.



Learn how to build a business that’s aligned with your authentic desires, a business that’s based on entrepreneurial principles in service to a just and sustainable world, and one that provides you with enough income to live the life you desire.

This is a great opportunity and I want to be sure you don’t miss it!

For only $97 you will get unlimited access to the interviews plus a 1-hour Love-Based Business Strategy Session to get clarity and inspiration for your next chapter of your business evolution.



“I really enjoyed the interview with Lynda about transformational writing... I'm journaling since thirty years too, so the free gifts of Lynda are so inspiring...”

- Karin Stigler

“Monika share great insights!!! So much into the loving perspective of our practice! I am impressed!”

- Marie-Louise Ountzian

“Wow. Just had Barbara Mark Hubbard's LOVE lessons wash over me! Blessed! Truly tickled to hear so much of her story (fascinating, ballsy) and connect to my journey. Yes---love the idea of joining genius (like genes) and the "vocational arousal" that comes from that! Been there. Done that. On fire now...as a grateful (and a dash more mindful and aligned) entrepreneur!”

- Lynn Young

You will gain new insights and valuable strategies from experts who have in their own unique way, created thriving, love-based businesses.

Let’s change the way we do business – together.