Business Retreat Day

Design Your Passion-Infused, Purpose-Driven, Profitable Business!

Want to know the trick behind building a passion infused, purpose driven profitable business?

You need to slow down regularly to see if you are still on track with your vision and get clear on what inspired actions to take next.

Finding the time to slow down is not easy in our hectic, sometimes stressful day-to-day routine.

So why don’t you treat yourself to a BUSINESS RETREAT where you can recharge your batteries and focus on soulful Business Building Strategies?

Immerse yourself IN your business. Spend focused time to envision what is possible, how to generate and plan your success.

You will have one-on-one private access to all I have to offer as a coach, mentor, spiritual guide and visionary.

What do you want?
Let’s co-create together and make it happen!
I am in!

At the end of the day you will leave with:

  • Clarity on where you are headed and why.
  • A game plan outlining action steps to take and when.
  • Feeling inspired and excited about moving forward with purpose and passion.
  • Greater self-awareness and new insights of what is holding you back as well as what is possible for you and your future business.

Custom design your Business Retreat

Make it a half a day, full day or multiple days long – your choice.

I live on a beautiful Island in BC and I invite you to experience the rejuvenating environment of Salt Spring. Its natural beauty and its unique character are a great backdrop for igniting new business ideas, to go deep and to be reinvigorated by what you do. Come for one or more days and let me help you design the perfect blend of strategic planning, transformational work and relaxation.

We can make it a virtual retreat if you can’t travel here, and I am open to discuss other locations.

All business retreats include:

  • Advance preparation exercises
  • Time in nature and experiential learning activities
  • Snacks and beverages