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Awake to possibilities

What I want for myself is what I want for you:

  • Be motivated by a bigger vision than my everyday tasks
  • contribute with my unique gifts to a better world
  • to be fully alive,
  • to powerfully connect and co-create with others and
  • completely awake to the endless possibilities that life presents.

For me this means courageously living with an open heart, giving myself to love, embracing the human paradox, getting messy, staying when things get uncomfortable and I am wanting to retreat, and coming out stronger and more loving than before. 


I have been exploring personal development principles since 2008 and got certified as a Co-Active Coach in 2012. Since then I have added to my skill set as a coach by attending many online and in-person seminars. I have taken courses from Jean Houston, Neil Donald Walsh, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Phil Town, and others. I have participated in year-long leadership programs with the Coaches Training Institute, Lynne Twist, and Sage Lavine. I am educated in the foundational work from the Landmark Forum and ORSC. I consider myself a lifelong learner and continue to evolve and grow myself as well as my capacity to support you.

I have a passion for leadership development and social entrepreneurship and offer coaching services to organizations and companies through the Conscious Leadership Evolution Consultancy.

I believe in

I believe in the inner beauty and unbelievable strength that resides within all of us. We are called to step into it and live our life from that place of inner wisdom and inspiration!
I believe that we are all called forth to bring positive change into this world. By doing our own inner work and consciously stepping into a leadership role in whatever we do in life and working together, we will actively create the change we wish to see.
I believe in the healing and transformational power of love. It is the energy that sacredly connects us all.
I believe in possibilities and playing big. WHY NOT?!

What are my unique qualities that make me love what I do as a coach?


I am interested in intimacy – the word comes from the Latin word intimus, which means “pertaining to one’s deepest nature”, that which is innermost and essential.  I want to know what is at the core of your being, the hidden gem that becomes visible when you look beyond the roles that we assume in our daily lives. Experiencing being seen and seeing others in this way is the source of true connection.  I am always touched deeply by the beauty I get to see in others. I feel blessed as a coach that I get to see these uniquely amazing jewels who are my clients.

Leap out

Jumping out of the nest, over and over again. Our biggest stumbling blocks are the doubts and fears invented by our minds – minds that are so good at making negative assumptions. I will nudge you out of the safety of your nest by giving you practical tools and honest feedback so you may let go of your doubts and fly on! This may feel uncomfortable at times, but my commitment to you is to call you forth in a big way!

Unconventional view

All individuals in this world are unique, and most would like to live outside the conventions created for them by society. I tend to see the world unconventionally and offer this way of seeing the world as a gift. I will support you in looking “outside the box” to see your world through a different lens. I want you to express yourself as uniquely you, and not feel caged by who you think you should be.

Down to earth

I am down to earth, I have an easy time relating to most people. I bring a very practical approach to coaching and personal development, as well as spiritual depth.

Your Ally

I consider myself your ally. Though in our coaching relationship we take on different roles, we are equals and design our relationship together to best serve you. Letting me be a witness to your journey is a great honor. It allows me to spread my own wings more fully!

A box full of tools

I have a treasure box full of practical tools to help you become more mindful, be a better communicator and time manager.

More about me:

I have two amazing boys in my life who are my greatest teachers! I love to dance; go for nature walks; I meditate and practice yoga, play basketball and in general like to be physically active. I could easily become a workshop addict, as I love to continuously learn. I get a kick out of having great thought-provoking conversations; being totally immersed in a book; sipping my coffee in peace while reading the paper; discovering new places; taking time to appreciate the arts in all their forms, (particularly music); eating delicious food; laughing until I cry; playing in the snow or the ocean; visiting my family in Germany; feeling grateful for all the opportunities that life has provided me with.