We are always in the habit of doing something. But how conscious are you about the habits you are practicing?

Being habitual creatures presents us with benefits and challenges.

One challenge is to create new practices that become habits without giving up the practice along the way. Did you know that it takes repeating something at least 300 times to develop a new practice? The benefit: Once you have repeated something at least 3000 times you totally embody it and have it for as long as you choose.

If you don’t like the result you are getting in your business, then it is time to examine your habits and change what you are doing or how you are. If you feel like you never have enough time to get everything done, look at how you spend your time. Change your routines; simplify your life; stop doing things that are not in alignment with your vision. If you want to speak in front of people, but you are afraid, start going to Toastmaster and speaking in front of small groups. Build up your courage, envision yourself as a speaker. If you want to have more money, practice paying attention to the money you have. Be aware of its flow by tracking it. See where you can save money and explore how you can generate more.

You always have a choice in what you practice – make your habits meaningful, empowering and fun!

Here are ten practices that could help you in your Conscious Business Evolution

  1. First of all: Teach yourself about yourself. Become aware of the conversations you have with yourself about your life and work. Are they affirmative, or are they based on fear and doubt? Practicing awareness of your thoughts is a key to your own power, fulfillment and creativity. This is a life long practice that can be greatly aided by daily meditation or other mindfulness practice.
  2. Find ways to move your body in whatever way it wants to counter-act computer time. For me being in nature is a great way to find inspiration and get new perspectives on almost everything.
  3. Set an intention daily on who you want to BE. If you want to be seen as an expert in your field – act like one in every conversation you are having. Do you want to be bold, creative and loving today? Then practice being those things!
  4. Create a plan and follow it. Create a list on Sunday evenings of what you want to get done during the week and put the to do’s in your calendar. Do the same at the end of each day and spend the last hour of your workday getting ready for the next morning. Be clear on what you want to accomplish and why. Is what you are planning in alignment with your vision and goals?
  5. Start the day with some income-producing activities you might normally put off. Yes, do the uncomfortable things, like picking up the phone to book a talk, or speak to a prospective client first! Often the things that stretch our comfort zone are exactly the things we should be doing to move our business forward.
  6. Take 10-20 minute breaks every 90 minutes. Our efficiency drops every ninety minutes when we don’t take breaks. Set your timer and stick to it. 90 minutes of focus time without multi tasking followed by 10-20 minutes of break will help you avoid burn out and keep your creativity flowing. I like to fill my breaks with body movement and dance, going for a short walk or listening to guided meditation.
  7. Tidy up your workspace. Cleaning up your workspace will help you think clearly and feel successful. However, be aware if you use tidying as an excuse not to work.
  8. Check in with your mastermind group or your coach on a regular basis. Use the creative energy of your supporters. Come prepared to each meeting so you can get input and have your questions answered.
  9. Hone your craft and become an expert in your field. Before the Beatles had their international breakthrough, they had already played over 1200 gigs. Schedule time to learn and practice. Get feedback about your work so you know how you can improve.
  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY – CELEBRATE and BE GRATEFUL. Practice experiencing sufficiency. Celebrate the things you got done at the end of the day. Give thanks to the great fullness of life!


Now I am handing it over to you:

Make a list of practices that are keeping you from building a more profitable business and a fulfilling life.

Share your insights below.